Monday, August 16, 2010

Trip to Spokane/Post Falls 2010

This past week while Mike was on a fishing trip to Alaska (pics to come) with his Dad and Doug, Keaton and I headed up to Post Falls to spend some time with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a great visit. While there we were able to visit my Grandma Audrey (my Dad's Mom) and Aunt Patty. It was great visiting with them and having them finally meet Keaton. On Wednesday Aunt Lauri, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jody treated us to a Pirate Cruise on Lake Coeur d'alene. We had a group of 10 and the adults outnumbered the kids. We're still not sure who had more fun. THANKS!! Wednesday night Grandma and Grandpa watched Keaton so that I could go to dinner with Niki and Tracy. We met at Niki's house in downtown Coeur d'alene and biked over to Scratch for dinner (or for half off bottles of wine....not sure which one). On Thursday and Friday we were able to hang out on the Spokane River in Post Falls at the Gambles house. Lucky for me Keaton took a VERY long nap each day and I was able to really relax and enjoy the scenery and the company. We had fabulous weather while we were there! Much better than the HOT weather we have here. On Saturday Grandpa, Keaton and I headed to Hudson's for one (or one and a half) of their fabulous cheeseburgers. The trip isn't complete until I've been there. When Keaton got up from his nap and before we headed back to Boise we went to Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane to see the big red wagon slide, the garbage goat and ride the carrousel. A perfect ending to a great trip! Thanks to everyone for making time for us and keeping us entertained. See you soon!! xoxox Keaton, Great Aunt Patty and Great Grandma Audrey. Sorry ladies....I know you didn't want me to post this...but this is for Keaton's memories :)
Keaton waiting for the Pirate Ship.
There it is!!
Pirate Keaton.

Or should I say "Killer Keaton"! At least that is what his nametag says.

The kids in our group, No Justice Jade, Killer Keaton, Maniac Max and Evil Ellie with the Pirates of the Coeur d'alene crew (cast).
Keaton and Grandma.

Aunt Lauri and Ellie.
Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jody.

The kids on Mudgy the Moose.

Tracy and Niki biking to dinner.

The 3 of us at dinner.

Me and Keaton hanging out in the kayak.

Keaton and Grandma.
Keaton and Grandpa and the wave runner.

Cute little butt.

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