Monday, October 31, 2011

Cute :)

Nana sent this to us while they were babyistting for us last Thursday
so we could bowl.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keaton or Josie?

Too funny. I just came across this photo of Keaton taken in November of 08. He is just about the same age here as Josie is now. This was Gabby's hair clip that I put in his hair. Looks alot like Josie :)

<<before the haircut.jpg>>

5 Months Old

Today our sweet girl is 5 months old! WOW!!!! She is such a happy, easy going baby. I don't want to jinx us...but she has slept through the night the past two nights. Could we have turned a corner?!!!
She is very close to sitting up, loving the exersaucer, really using her voice, chowing on her rice cereal, thinks her brother is pretty entertaining and overall just making our lives more brighter!! We are so thankful to have her in our wonderful life.

The Pumpkin Patch

First stop the jumping pillow

I think jumping on the Thompsons trampoline has made him a lille more coordinated!

Getting some serious air :)

He is serious about his jumping.

In the corn box.

Pumpkin tetherball

Me and the kids on the cow train

Keaton had fun, but Josie and I could have passed.

Unfortuntely he didn't want to ride alone and Mike is a little too tall to fit.


A little help from Dad.

Keaton and Mom

Keaton and Josie

Shooting the pumpkin canon

We waited in line for an hour (no joke) so he could get his face painted.

Glad we did. He was pretty pleased with the out come. Here is his best zoolander male model pose.

I still think I could have accomplished the same look with some blue eyeshadow and a little mascara. He was convinced this was the batman look. I didn't have the heart to tell him that this was probably meant for little girls.

He had to get up on this truck and have his photo taken. I guess it was like his catwalk. Work it Keaton.

A photo op of my munchkins :)
Happy Halloween!!!!

October 2011

Not sure if this was in October, but a dinner night at our house with the Thompsons. Keaton always has so much fun with these boys. They always teach him something new too :) Here they taught him how to climb on the roof of the play house. :)

All 4 boys, I mean super heroes

A couple weekends ago we had the Forsey's and the Slaughters over for the BSU game and dinner. I only got a photo of Benny in this hat. Had to, look how cute he is :)

Last weekend Mike broke out the exersaucer for Josie. She loves it!

Sunday was Malcom Thompson's 4th Bday party. He had a costume party (and GREAT weather). Here is Iron Man (Keaton) and Army Man (Max Wong)

Dinner at the Wolff's with the class of 2029
Ben and Benny, Mike and Josie, Matt and Alex. It's a Josie sandwich.

Checking out Alex

Here he is trying to impress her with his sitting skills.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jibber jabber!

Don't know how to rotate it!!!

She "talks" non stop :) I don't remember Keaton really doing this but Josie sure does talk our ear off.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

His present from my dc trip

We ventured to Chinatown and were having a beer when I spotted the kung fu gift shop. I couldn't leave without this :)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A couple new ones of the kids


My trip to DC

My yummy beer in Chinatown

Donny and Sara with the Washington Monument in the background

Fun with fashion tape!

No kids here! Cousins gone wild!!

Hm....ineresting beer selection. 30 seconds on the clock. Let's hear what you got tosh.o style.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fun with friends!

Copy and paste this link into your browser to see some fun we had last weekend. Thanks Weavers!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mommy Bubby day (and now Josie too)

I am back at work but still get to take Fridays off to spend with my kids. When it was just Keaton and I, we would call the day "Mommy and Bubby Day". I would wake him up on Fridays singing, "It's a mommy and bubby day, hey, hey!". Now we have Mommy, Bubby and Josie days. We usually spend the day having play dates with friends and running errands. Here is a photo of Keaton last Friday at Kinkos/FedEx helping me send a surprise package to Grandma. He still hasn't quite mastered wearing his sunglasses :)

4 months

Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise as fall sets in and things slow down I will be a better blogger. For poor Josie's sake more than anything. I plan to use this blog as the kids memory books and well, I guess you can see that the second child really does get the short end of the stick on that whole thing :) So Josie, I make this promise to you to be a better "memory blogger".

She turned 4 months old last weekend and is getting so big. I can't beleive that 4 months have passed already. Once again I find myself asking, "where did the time go?". Josie is smiling, laughing, rolling over and eating rice cereal!!! I am back at work (in my 3rd week) and she has adjusted (and so have I) just fine to daycare. Her big brother takes good care of her and enjoys having her there too.

Keaton is growing like a weed too and is such a BIG boy!!!! He is still VERY into super hero's and enjoys dressing up and playing super hero squad every chance he gets. He is getting very good at riding his bike, dressing himself, picking up after himself and working on his listening skills :) He is excited for Halloween and as of yesterday plans to be a Red Samurai Power Ranger.

So far this fall we are enjoying the gorgeous weather, catching up with friends, Sunday mt bike rides together, bronco football and back to the alley for bowling! I have my first weekend away from Josie (and Keaton and Mike) to go back east for a family wedding. I am looking forward to the "me" time but will miss everyone bunches. This is Mike's first time taking on both kids for an extended period of time. I'm sure it will be a fun weekend for the kids...the rules seem to be more lax when mom is away :)