Monday, December 9, 2013

Nana reading....

Some cute pics of Nana reading to the kids when she and Papa babysat for us on Friday while we attended my work Xmas party.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Monsters Trick or Treating TOK

The kids at my office J




Okay, here is my attempt to get back to blogging. We hosted Halloween at our house for some friends and kids. We ate some chilli then headed to to the Harrison mayhem. It was a great evening making memories J

The pumpkin patch

October was a fun, but busy month!!!
Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Kiki came for a visit. We hit the pumpkin Patch. Here are a couple of Papa's pics.

Friday, May 31, 2013

2 & 5 year check ups

Keaton stats:
Height 3'9.5" 92%
Weight 48 lbs 90%

Josie stats:
Height 36" 95 %
Weight 28 lbs 76%

Both are super healthy and growing/learning tons!!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


What we have been up to!! A busy May so far....

Josie's Birthday! My lil lady is 2!!

Wolverine :) Another costume to add to the mix. Keaton turned 5 on 5/23 and Josie 2 on 5/25. We had two parties back to back last weekend. Out with Minnie and in with SuperHeroes!
Grandma and Grandpa came down for the weekend and the celebrations. The kids love spending time with them. It's always great to have them here. Not sure if Keaton wore Grandma out or if Grandma wore Keaton out more :)

Wolverine and Minnie Mouse.

She was pretty excited to get her Minnie gloves and Hat from Aunt Brandie :)

Posing in her blinged out Minnie shirt she got from a fellow Minnie lover :)

Two kids one bathroom?! Potty Party! And no, she didn't use it. We will get there though. Hopefully before we send her to college.

Another Josie party shot. Keaton was very helpful in bringing her presents to open and keeping the other kids away from helping her. Protective older brother.

Josie and Papa at Keaton end of year Spring Program. It had been almost a month since Josie had her Papa fix as they were in MN.

Another Josie Bday photo.

Camping Mother's Day weekend with her gal pal Regan.

Passed out camping in the pack-n-play.
Some shirtless studs playing Frisbee camping. They're there....I promise, you have to look hard.

The "moms" at the camping winery.

Fun times, awful wine at Carmela Vineyards.

 Brown camping bath water!!!

On Mother's Day in the camper with my gal.

Too cute not to take :) Josie and her other camping pal Wesley. 

Swimming lessons at the Learning Tree. I guess today he swam across the pool!! He wants to go in the deep end!! 

We un - ceremoniously moved Josie into her big girl bed. Which means we can nap with her now :) Here she is in Keaton's bed taking a nap with Dad.

Just a photo of my girl.

Keaton and Thatcher at the end of year Spring Program. It was Hawaiian themed. He memorized and successfully danced and sang to 7 songs!!!!
Unfortunately no pics of Keaton's party. I guess I was too busy entertaining the 12-14 kids. It was our first drop off party! Note to self. 2.5 hours is WY too long :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Keaton Knows How to Ride a Bike

This was only his second attempt at riding a bike without training wheels.  I would say that he picked it up pretty quickly.  Must be the miles spent on the tag-a-long.  Good job buddy.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Mike and Sara at dinner
Donny and I at dinner
Little tiny pitchers. That's a good idea....right?
Pool time with our crew and the Clooners
Getting ready :)
Hiking Camelback mountain

Nana and Papa's house

 While we headed to Scottsdale for the weekend the kids got to stay at Nana and Papa's. We are extremely lucky to have them here and willing to take them for 3 nights!!! We know how much work it is and can't thank them enough. The kids had a great time and we don't have to worry about them at all. It really allowed us to be able to relax and enjoy our time together. Thanks Nana and Papa!!!






Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We played

A few randoms

We celebrated Molly's Bday
I went to Spokane for Ed's surgery
We cheered on the Broncos

We started the year off with a cleanse!