Monday, October 22, 2012

A busy October for sure!

Well, alot is going on in The Dahlberg house! Where do I begin....we sold our cute little house on 34th street and are in the process of purchasing a new one. Both are set to close in early November and we hope to be in the new place by Thanksgiving. This in addition to our normal crazy schedules, being sick, and some family hardship has me wanting October to be on it's merry way!!! Here is a phone dump to try and capture some of the chaos :)
 You can tell when Mom is away and Dad is in charge. The telling signs on this pic Mike sent me to brighten up my day while up North dealing with a sick parent, look close. Josie's unkempt hair and Keaton's snow boots. Hey, at least they are eating apples :)
 Finally! After about 2 weeks of wetting the bed he stayed dry and earned his costume. I think someone besides me is having a little anxiety about the move?
 You ask why would we want to move? I tried to capture the neighbor walking around barefoot, smoking like a chimney and talking on her phone.
 Keaton has been very into "crafting" lately and really likes making super hero accessories.
 Loving his Halloween craft goodies from Grandma.
 It's rough having a little sister, especially when she pokes you in the eye.
 Super hero pumpkins! There is no escaping masked men in any aspect of our lives :)
 She had to have her photo taken too.
 And by the pumpkins (yes, she only has one sock on)
 The kids and the pumpkins. We also carved some later that night. Photos to come.
Peeking in the windows of the new house.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Round Up

 Mommy bubby date (Brandie too) to Hotel Transylvania 3-D
 He needed under armour for his iron man suit. So, practically a ream of paper and a roll of masking tape and voila! The paper man?
 Saturday a dinner party at the Thompsons and our parting gift (Malcom for a sleepover....see previous post where Keaton includes the Thomspon brothers as his family....LOVE)!
 A trip to Old Navy for some new fall vests and....mustaches?!
 The Lorax?
 Get this girl a Harley!
 Botanical Gardens Harvest Festival. These two always love to tear up the dance floor. A sign of things to come? Oh Stacey, I see some sleepless nights in our futures :)
The under armour under the costume, but wait! He also needed his eyes to be blue under his mask. Man, I love this kid!!!
An impropmtu weekend at home left us with an open calendar and beautiful weather in Boise to enjoy. We were also able to get our house ready to put it on the market! Here are a few phone pics.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Phone Dump

Here are my photos from my phone for the end of September.
 Someone got a hold of the scissors and gave himself a little haircut. He thought he looked pretty good.
 I guess I need to take spare clothes into daycare for Josie or she comes home looking like this.
 Josie added a little somthing to her after school snack. BBQ potatoe chips...and cat food?
The nights have been gorgeous and we have been able to hit up the park a few times. She still loves to slide :)

Here is Keaton at the park and an after shot of his buzz cut to even out his chop job.

 I love seeing the projects he does at preschool. This one melted my heart :)
Hanging with the hulk. Just another day at the Dahlbergs.