Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just a little update....

I read something today that tells you how to calculate how far along you are. You count from your LMP (last menstrual period) which for me was July 20th. That puts us at about 10 weeks! http://community.thenestbaby.com/cs/ks/blogs/nb_checklists/pages/how-big-is-baby.aspx here it says our baby is about the size of a prune. Very interesting! I also calculated 40 weeks out and that gives me a due date of April 25th. I will update this information after our first appointment and we get more information. But, I just thought that was interesting information to share. I will have Mike start taking the belly pics tonight (that my Mom requested) and we will begin posting them for you all to keep up!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I guess we better start a BLOG!

Hello all! Well, since our family will soon be expanding (and my waist line!!)...I thought the easiest way to keep you all updated would be to start our very own blog. On here you will be able to read the latest that is going on in our world as well as view our latest photos.

We have our first appointment and ultra sound scheduled for October 5th. I am sure this will make it seem much more real (as I seem to keep going back to the 3 tests I took and make sure they don't now read negative). We are very excited!

We spent some time in Montana this weekend at the wedding of a girl Mike went to College with. The drive was long, but beautiful as the first signs of fall are already showing. I was kind of lame at the wedding (hope I'm not that way during the whole pregnancy - poor Mike) and retired to the room around 9:00 pm. I find myself a little more tired than usual, but not feeling sick, which is good.

I plan on continuing to work out and be active as everything I've read recommends to do so. We went on a run Saturday before the wedding...I don't know if it was the hill we ran, the wind we were fighting, the elevation difference or the baby growing inside of me...but man, it was tough!!!

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm upon us sharing the news!! As you can guess....we are both very excited to begin this journey together!

Love to you all!

Mike & Danny (and baby Dahlberg to be)