Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My new bike!!

Can't wait to take her to Stanley and break her in this weekend!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4th of July in Whitefish

The cute little place we had lunch on the drive there in Paradise Montana. We flew to Spokane and then drove to Whitefish from there. That was much better than driving all the way from Boise. Keaton does not do well on road trips!!

A fourth of July photo :)

Keaton inside the cafe. Look at the vintage highchair and sippy cup!!

Tyler Larkin and Keaton. Buds already!!

Happy boy Tyler Larkin. What a good natured little guy!!

Scott Larkin giving Tyler some love :)

Keaton on the Peppmeier boys trike. He loves anything with wheels. Such a BOY!!

Stef, Tyler and Betsy.

Me giving Keaton a push on the trike.

Betsy Bertelsen getting a drink!! Go Betsy Go!!

Sleepy little Tyler.

Doug Peppmeier and Jordan Peterson....who knows what was going on here!

Keaton modeling his 4th of July outfit.

The Weaver Boys

Will Peppmeier

Annemarie Peppmeier

Keaton doing a photoshoot in the grass

Keaton and Tyler

Ellie, Tyler and wonderful hostess Stef!!

This one is for Donna. Look! It's an Emma Dog on the back of the motorcycle!!!

At Grandma and Grandpas in Post Falls

This post is long overdue as well. We had a fabulous trip to Whitefish Montana over the 4th. Here are the photos to prove it. Thanks again to our wonderful hosts. We can't wait to come back!!! I am bummed I didn't get any kid or adult group photos. I will next time!!


Bath time mowhawk!!!

Turkey head. I guess I know he's done eating when he starts wearing his food as an accessory.
Giving Emma loves.

Keaton and Layla sitting in a tree

This post is long over due!! A few weeks ago (for Uncle Donny's B-day) we had Layla Forsey and her Mom over for dinner. Here are some photos of the little ones!
Uncle Donny holding Layla so Keaton can get a kiss!! (Don't tell her Dad!!!!)

Going in for a smooch!!

Ewe!! Yucky...boy germs!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Keaton and his buddy Max

We had dinner at the Wong's last night and took a little walk.
The boys rode together in the stroller.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fun with the Mogensen's

Can't wait until Kyle gets in on the action! Thanks for the fabulous dinner Tom and Laura!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

What we've been up to...

We have had a busy couple of weeks these first couple of July.  For the weekend of the 4th we flew up to Spokane and spent a night with my folks in Post Falls and did some catching up. The next day we hit the road and headed up to Whitefish Montana to catch up with some of Mike's College friends and their families.  We had such a wonderful time and had the best hosts!! We had some BBQ's, a parents night out (there were 7 kids under the age of 5), took in a local festival and had a pontoon boat ride. It is always tons of fun when the gang gets together, even if it was a little different this time with all of the kiddos running around! We are already looking forward to the next MSU reunion. I have some pics that I will post soon!!  This past weekend we were able to head up to McCall with our good friends Scot and Sarah and take advantage of Scot's wonderful cabin.  We had a couple mellow nights, played some cribbage (yes...we had to beat them again....but this time at least there weren't any skunks), went on a gals bike ride in Ponderosa State Park, hooked up with our friends the Hamiltons at their cabin and invaded their beach (thanks Hamiltons!!!) and ended with a great run with Sarah!! It was a perfect weekend!!

This weekend we were supposed to head to Maryhill in Washington for some camping with my High School girlfriends but canceled and instead they are heading here!!! 

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who was on kid duty?!

Mike…if you close your eyes is it hot happening?!  You have to see the bitter beer face that usually follows. I will have to get it on video one of these days.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slip N Slide

The White's had the BIGGEST slip n slide I've ever seen set up at their
house. We all had a great time on it. Keaton loved it!!!