Monday, November 26, 2012

Keaton's school Thanksgiving questionaire

In what month do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Friday
Why do you love Thanksgiving? Chicken
What do you eat for Thanksgiving? Turkey and Strawberries. I don't like to eat guacamole!
How do you cook a Turkey? I buy one
Who was at the first Thanksgiving feast? Turkeys
On the First Thanksgiving Feast What kind of food did they eat? Turkey
What was the name of the ship the pilgrims traveled on? Batman
What are 3 things you are thankful for?
My Costumes

Monday, November 19, 2012

Almost time to move!

Here is a phone dump from the past week. We move on Wednesday!! Can't wait!!!!
Keaton at his school Thanksgiving feast. I got to join him for lunch. What a fun time :)

 Once again....he was playing with a measuring tape.....she needed one too. Also, this is what she does lately when I tell her to smile.
 Shopping at Target. She would not let us leave with out this shopping cart for her.
 And again with the "smile"
 This is Josie getting her black Friday shopping face on "get out of my way ladies!!"
 And she's spent :)
 The next day with an oreo face
 These are some pics Ed took of Keaton and the redecorating job Keaton has done on Ed's office

Monday, November 12, 2012

Moving Etc.....

We are all moved out of our old house and one week into our 2.5 week stay with the Elder Dahlbergs (thanks Nana and Papa for letting us crash at your place!!!!) I don't think their house will ever be the same :)
 Ha ha Nana and had no idea what you were getting into :)
 Listening to music on Nana's iPod. She has to do everything Keaton does these days.
 Rockin out to music on the iPad.
 Big bro had a mustache....she had to have one too!!
 Someone is prematurely aging. Benjamin Button?
 That's quite a hair do....or is it a hair don't?!
The guys headed to the BSU basketball game Sunday and hit up the Nature Center first.

Yep....we are in a bowling league.....again :)

Annual league Halloween night....always a good time
50 shades of gray
30 something mutant ninja turtles?
Honey Boo Boo clan
Gang Green
The Hot Karls (our team) as Mexican Wrestlers
Going way outside of the norm as Buffet fans.
As always two teams dress the same. Another 50 shades team.
Mustachio Balls
And no costume....Forkin' Balls.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So long October!!!!

The last phone dump of the month for October. A concert, a road trip to Spokane and Halloween!!
 Robin getting ready to head out Trick or Treating in the Thompson hood.
 Robin and Yoda. Fin was cute trying to rally Josie at one point when she was trying to take a break on the grass in between houses. "come on Josie!!"
 The Dahlbergs and The Thompsons!
 Road tripping topless!!! She had to take off her shirt just like her big bro.
 Bad pic of the gals at the Jimmy Buffet concert.
 Parrot heads know how to party!!!
 A good little road tripper. She was a great sport.
 And my big guy. Excited to get there and see Grandma and Grandpa.
 A break from the Hospital a the Silver Lake Mall. Doesn't take much to make them happy.
 Almost home. Sleepy girl.
 Pretending to sleep :)
 Making monster mouth snacks for his school party. We did 30 "mouths" and he did all the marshmallows in every last one! Took a lot of patience from mom.
 The spooky breakfast crew at school.
 A few of the dinosaur class dressed up. I love wonderwoman :)
 My batman and robin
Keaton and his pals Duncan and Malcom