Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July in McCall

 Addie and Josie's naked bum at the White's cabin in Donnelly
 The guys and their girls
 Hanging on the deck
 Our gracious hosts
 The girls
 Snacking on watermelon. Keaton was the only gent among 7 ladies
 Josie and Regan inspecting the deck
 Seriously how many life jackets do the White's have?!
 Another gal shot
 Watching the display
 Me and my gal
 More J!!
 Wait for it!
 Cookie time at the trailer
 Super heroe's and cookies
 Play date at the Holloways...Lance entertaining the kids.

 Their gorgeous cabin
 Moms and kids jumping in
 Back at the trailer park.....
 Josie and Stella tearing it up, practicing for the Mafia
 More super heroe's and foil crowns! Why not?
 The park at the RV resort
 Josie and I at the beach
 The water fountain at the public beach
 Girls ride
 Renae, Me and Stacey representing the Mafia
The guys ride!

We spent 5 days around the 4th camping in McCall. We had a great time with friends! We spent time at the White's cabin, hanging at the McCall RV Resort, biking, running, beach time, play date at the Holloway cabin and even managed to hit up the Shore Lodge pool. We stayed at the RV resort where we were married 5 years ago. I could have stayed 5 more days. Next year we will be sure to do a full week. Here are some photos I stole from the Walters as I have yet to download mine.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dinner with friends....

I stole this from the weaver's page. The Gendlers had us over for dinner on Sunday. Here is a great photo of all the boys.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dahlberg/Mogensen camping trip (3rd almost annual)

 Our nature adventure/scavenger hunt. 
 Josie almost fell out of the back pack...parents of the year. 
 There was a lot of rock throwing.
 And nervous parents on the river bank
 and mud digging for Keaton
 Josie post hiking back pack incident....
The ladies in the hot springs
 See Keaton's Bday post. I think this is Kyle's attempt at a smile
 Playing in the small hot spring pool we could access. High water on the river prohibited us from safely accessing the other pools. 
 Kyle didn't seem to mind though
 The guys taking in the view
 Right on the bank of the river....like I said....nervous parents
Well, hopefully 3rd time is a charm! We are still trying to make a camper out of Laura. Maybe this time it worked. I swear she was there...even there is no photographic evidence. Maybe this is how we will get her back again. No photos helps her campers amnesia.