Monday, March 31, 2008


This weekend was spent getting the nursery ready. It was so much fun!! Thanks to Dave Day (my cousin Brandie's husband...yes the same cousin that just threw me a wonderful shower...I know...we owe them BIG) who painted the Wong's crib they lent us (thanks to them too!!) and built us the fabulous shelves around the window seat. They look great!!!! We still have a few finishing touches to add to the nursery but it is well on it's way!!

Also...thanks Mike for all your work this weekend...I am a lucky wife and Keaton is a lucky kid!

Finally....a belly update!!

Here is a photo of me at 32 almost 33 weeks (tomorrow).

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baby Shower!!

Wow!! I had such a wonderful shower this weekend in Spokane!! Thank you Brandie and Crystal for putting together such an amazing event. The details and thought you put into everything really showed. I love how everything went with the theme! You make a good team!! Keaton really owes you two :)

Also, thanks to those that helped out and brought food and lended their time...Betsy Hathaway, Niki, Tracy and Caroline, Michele (Crystal's Mom), Jaime, Brandie's Aunt Lauri, Jamie Kelp and my Mom. I love you all and really appreciate you taking the time to come and also lend your skills.

Thanks to all for coming and the fabulous gifts we received. We are going to be well equipped once he's ready to show his little face. Keaton is already so loved...he sure is a lucky kid :)

Special thanks to Mike's Mom Donna and my Aunt Mary for making the trip from Boise and Seattle. It sure made the shower that much more special.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Brandie, Crystal, Betsy Hathaway, Tracy, Caroline, Niki, Jaime, Jamie Kelp, Christine, Leslie, Betsy Bertelsen, Grandma Heck, Nana Dahlberg, Aunt Mary, Michele, Jenifor Wells, Tamra, Aunt Laurie and Aunt Debbie.

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's been a while...

Sorry for the delayed posting! We left out camera charger when we were in Spokane so that's why we haven't done any belly photos. I promised one next week after we return from Spokane with our charger! I will be 32 weeks at that point.

This last weekend we had our 3rd annual St. Patty's Day party....and again no pics! Sorry. It was a good time. The weather wasn't the same as last year (last year it was in the 60's) but at least it didn't rain!! It's amazing how the kid to adult ratio has increased over the last few years. We are slowly being taken over!!

We are going to take off Thursday after work and head to Spokane/Post Falls for the weekend. My cousin Brandie and Crystal are throwing me my first baby shower in Spokane this weekend. We were going to leave Friday, but after the brackets were announced yesterday we decided we either needed to wait until later in the day Friday to leave or already be there Friday morning in order to catch the BSU game and the Gonzaga game.

I am 31 weeks and everything is going great! He is very active and seems to be rolling around all the time...especially when I am trying to sleep :) We haven't done much with the nursery yet....but I am betting after we get back from Spokane it will prompt me to get my butt in gear!!

We hope this finds all of you doing well! We miss you and love you much.

Mike, Danny and Keaton