Thursday, June 28, 2012

A new water toy....

 Eating Watermelon

Fun with the Whites

 ??? What's going on here?
 Cheese Sage!! 
 Awe.....the beginning of a beautiful friendship
 Nevermind :)
Ok....friends again. Backyard wagon rides

Father's Day Weekend Camping Trip

Luke on the paddle board.....yes his underwear :) 
 Me and Keaton
 Regan testing the water
 He's a natural. He loved the paddle board
 Me and the K man
 All the kids
 Stacey and Regan
 Papa and Josie
 Loving the water
 Mike and K
 Josie liked it as long as she was facing me...
 I was nervous she would was a short trip :)
 Papa and J
 Camping pals
 Ah....the memories
 More camping pals....
 Learning to fish
 The guys doing what they do.....oh and Riley :)
It doesn't get better than this!! 

Trip to Spokane for Bloomsday

 Josie loves her some grandpa
 Grandpa's girl
 I think the feeling is mutual
 Grandma always has treats.....
 Me after the race. Worst case of runners gut ever. Didn't get off the couch for 4+hours....
 Post bath curls
And Grandma with more treats

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sawtooth Relay 2012

At the start. Sweat is sexy places 6th in the female open division! YAY ladies!!!
And Colbi is off!!'s snowing! Fun!
Of course...Laura needs a headband :)
Our driver
Me running in the snow...ok....not so fun :)
Ok....from now on we cheer from the car! 
Go Des go!!!
Attentive driving
Safety first
Rocking the summit! 
Our sassy volunteer Brit
Thanks Brit!!! 
And Colbi is done! 
Dana's last leg!
Laura knows what will bring her in
Will run for bubbly
Dana is done! 
Come to mama!! 
C'mon Laura!
And Laura is done! 
Dana shares her bubbly
Des and a new friend! The tux-speedo guy
My last leg!!! 
Des finishing up
The hand off to Dopko
Des is done! 
Sweat is sexy bringing it home
Group shot
Wine tug of war?
Team pyramid. I guess running 60+ miles wasn't enough :)
Thanks for the fun ladies!! until next year....