Monday, April 30, 2012


Here is a photo of Keaton and one of his new cousin Olivia. You can tell they are cousins :)

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Here she is
Olivia Sheridan Weiss

Some things never change

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Seattle 2012 girls weekend.

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Keaton's love message

While I was in Seattle this weekend Mike sent me this video. Can't figure out how to rotate it....but it's still pretty cute :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Coolest tball dude around :)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dressing himself.....

Usually results in something like this.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Sleepy boy coming downstairs to see if the "Bunny" had been there. Huntin Eggs
Sneaky wabbit

Look! Josie got a basket!!

Spider Man eggs?!

Hulk gloves?!!

Wong's annual Easter party and Egg hunt. This was the end of the party...

the girls dressed Max up

They could only talk Iron Man into Snow White heels :)

Josie playing under the table. Such an easy going girl :)

Josie and Dad

We had a fabulous Easter weekend!! We started out on Friday night with a dinner date (see Dr Scot post) at the Scheffels with The Neiderkleins, and Uncle Dodo and Sara. Saturday we headed to the Wong's for their 3rd annual Easter Party. On Sunday we met Nana and Papa at Church then headed to their house for brunch where we were joined by Craig Thompson and 2 of his boys (Malcom and Griffin). After nap (I had a fabulous little snooze on Ed and Donna's patio) we went on a bike ride with Nana and Papa.

It was a wonderful weekend spent with family and friends.

Randoms from 1st quarter 2012

A couple weekends ago I did some family photos for Brandie and Dave. Cute fishing theme :)

Sledding in McCall in February? (a weekend up at Scot's cabin)

Sweet girl

Coloring Easter eggs. I think Mike is egg-cited!!

I really over did it by letting him color 6 eggs :)

Nana and Papa were there too!!

And don't forget about Josie!!!

Josie with her gal pal Reagan Hopstead and her new cheesy smile.

Showing R how she crawls.

Class of 2029

Alexander Wolff, Josie and Thomas Scheffel
Holding hands :)

such cute babies!!!!! it bub! Don't look so cute and steal my thunder!!!

It's okay baby... I still think you're cute :)

Laid back, with my mind on my money and my money on my mind....

Thomas says...."stop, stop. Do over...I wasn't ready for that one"

Where do we look?!

Too many cheeks!!!!!

Josie says...."are you done yet?"

Thomas just won't quit with that cute lil smile!!!

Last one!!!

More Tball photos

Coach Ryan helping Keaton with his helmet
Running the bases (yes, with his glove on)

So proud...wearing James Bell hand me down baseball pants

Deciding on their team name....The Sabertooths!!

Josie cheering Keaton on!!

Camping with the Naeve's

The weekend before last we packed up the camper and met the Naeve's in Glenns Ferry Idaho for a weekend of camping FUN! Brian grilling up some dinner
Josie enjoying her dinner Al Fresco

The guys during the wind storm taking cover in our camper

Keaton and Josie in the pack n play. Really we didn't put him in there, he climbed in on his own and I though it was a good photo op :)

At the winery


The guys playing cribbage...mike did not represent the Dahlberg's well....

Ah....nothing like peeing outside!

They did lots of bike riding!!

Even Iron Man made the trip

and Spider Man

Josie loves to camp!!!