Monday, January 24, 2011

Donnelly - take two

Lilly Dufenhorst and Mia White
3/4 of the Chrisman girls. (missing Brynn)

Taco time! Mia and Keaton.

The kids gathered around for dinner.

Hot tubbing. One of the only times that Keaton will be the only guy in a hot tub of 5 ladies (I hope).

Contemplating on if this is a good idea.

The little gals helping Molly with Sage.

Keaton and Mia again :)

Chocolate faces

Lots of time in the car makes him silly


Mia playing on her iPod

This last weekend we headed up north again to Donnelly. The Dufenhorsts were in town from FL and the White's invited us up to stay at their cabin with them. We jumped at the chance to get out of town again and visit with friends. We had a great time entertaining the kids. They swam, tubed and hot tubbed and the adults had a great time catching up. Keaton was the only dude amongst a gaggle of cute little gals. One of these days he's really going to appreciate that.

A week behind on my blogging...

The weekend before last we had a nice, quiet weekend at home. We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we hosted our friends and fellow preggers Ben and Sara and Scot and Sarah. I spent the week prepping by gathering all of my baby boy clothes to pass on to the Slaughters and we did the hand off that night at dinner. On Sunday we had the Days and Semraus over to celebrate Caden's third birthday and the birth of his little brother Kai. The rest of the time was spent lounging around the house, being silly and attending Alice Mogensen's 4th Bday

Here are some photos where I turned Keaton into a superdweeb, I mean super hero :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ed turns 50!!

Last weekend we headed to Spokane for a visit and to help Grandpa Ed celebrate his 50th Bday. We had a fabulous time and all of us "kids" were able to make it for the visit. The last time we were ALL together was our wedding in Aug 2007. The only person missing was my niece Maud. But, we made time to Skype with her while we were all there. Hopefully next time she can join the fun in person. We started the visit Thursday evening arriving at the Spokane airport to be greeted by the whole Post Falls Crew. My Mom and Ed, Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jody, Uncle Wes and Aunt Lauri all came to pick us up. (we had quite a traveling crew of me, Mike, Keaton, Cody, Kollan, Donny and Sara...Casey drove up from Portland too but didn't arrive until Friday). It was a perfect gathering for our ultrasound announcement. We had the US earlier that day and didn't find out the sex at that time. Instead Mike's Mom put a photo of Keaton in an envelope for all of us to open together. It was a great memory and a fun way to involve the whole family. Of course the next day I had to head out and buy a few little girls things at with my Mom. The next day Mike, Keaton and I headed to my Aunt Patty's house to visit with her, my Uncle Ray and my Grandma Audrey. This was Mike's first time meeting the Negreiff side. photos. Next time. That night our whole gang met up with Tracy, Abbe and Nik for dinner on the South Hill. It was a great time and after dinner we got to see Tracy's new house. Sorry....again no photos!!! Saturday we had Ed's Bday party at the Gambles. They were great hosts and the night was complete with a soundtrack provided by Jody's vinyl collection, a great slide show of Ed's life, poker, chili and lots of laughs! On Sunday we had brunch to celebrate Kollan turning one on Dec 25th and then it was time to head home. Phew! A Whirlwind trip. Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend!!! We are lucky to have such a great family. Matching cousin jammies.
Keaton in the bath
cousin bath timeCody and Ed
Kollan and Uncle Casey
Me, Donny and Sara
I love this sequence.....

Keaton loves his Uncle Casey

I love this photo! Keaton's expression is priceless!! Yay!! Grandpa got a NERF gun!!!

Kristen made a great Bday card for all of us to sign. Complete with Eddyisms! Unfortunately you need some sort of masters degree to properly refold it!

Grandpa and Keaton with the same expression.

The whole fam damily.

Our crew. Notice Casey fixing his "Justin Bieber" Do. I think he looks
more like Robert Pattison here.
Left to Right: Kollan, Cody, Grandma, Keaton, Grandpa Me
Donny, Sara, Mike, Casey
CAsey got a hold of Grandpa's NERF gun and blasted Keaton is the face. Nice job Uncle Casey. Of course I couldn't stop laughing.

Cody and Kollan opening Bday gifts and Keaton taking measurements.

Keaton just wanted to make sure all that stuff was going to fit in their suitcases home.

The other Bday boy!!
I made Kollan a special newspaper Bday hat and he doesn't seem to mind wearing it!!The cake Grandma made. Yum!!!
And look.....Keaton still likes Uncle Casey even after the NERF incident!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's a....

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Keaton Averages

We had to take K to the Dr yesterday since he has had a cough for a few weeks now. It was his first official stat taking since his 2 year appointment. His Weight 35.5 and height 38". When the nurse told us he was in 50th percentile for both I thought Mike was going to fall over. Obvioulsy this has been bothering him since. See his email below. My guess is she either used the 3 year old chart or was just plain dumb :)

From: Mike Dahlberg  
 Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 11:22 AM
To: Danielle Dahlberg
Subject: Keaton Averages

I knew she had it wrong.  Our dream of a Bronco QB are still alive.  He was 36 lbs right?


Child Growth Chart Calculator

Based on the data you submitted, your child falls into the following percentiles:

Length = between percentile 75 and 90
Weight = between percentile 90 and 95


Mike Dahlberg


NYE Weekend in Donnelly

Last weekend we headed to Donnelly with the Mogensens and the kids for a nice relaxing weekend away. We had a great time....but COLD weather!!!! We played lots of games (to Laura's dismay...actually...we may have turned her into a gamer?), ate a lot, relaxed and just spent time with our kids and eachother. What a great way to start 2011. Kyle is in that mound of clothses somewhere. All bundled up for sledding.
Keaton ready to go sledding!!

Gangsta Keaton
Getting towed up the tubing hill. We had a blast doing this....too bad it was so cold. We may have to head back during winter carnival and hit it again.

Keaton and Kyle.

Alice, Kyle and Keaton's back

Rub a dub, dub 3 monkeys in a tub!!

The first couple times we tried to lay Keaton and Alice down together. No such luck! Alice would tell me, "but I miss Keaton when he's not in here". Sweet :)

Kyle entertaining himself. Such a mellow, easy going kid. I wanted to trade Laura sons a few times over the weekend, but she didn't take me up on my offer.
Thanks Mogs for the fun!! Happy 2011 everyone!!!!

19 week belly pics

19 weeks with baby #2. This photo was taken last night (Tuesday) and we are 20 weeks on Friday. We have the ultrasound to find out the gender TOMORROW!!! So....stay tuned :) Can you believe that little guy hiding around my legs was in my belly in the photo below? Hard to believe.

19 weeks with Keaton.