Monday, January 24, 2011

Donnelly - take two

Lilly Dufenhorst and Mia White
3/4 of the Chrisman girls. (missing Brynn)

Taco time! Mia and Keaton.

The kids gathered around for dinner.

Hot tubbing. One of the only times that Keaton will be the only guy in a hot tub of 5 ladies (I hope).

Contemplating on if this is a good idea.

The little gals helping Molly with Sage.

Keaton and Mia again :)

Chocolate faces

Lots of time in the car makes him silly


Mia playing on her iPod

This last weekend we headed up north again to Donnelly. The Dufenhorsts were in town from FL and the White's invited us up to stay at their cabin with them. We jumped at the chance to get out of town again and visit with friends. We had a great time entertaining the kids. They swam, tubed and hot tubbed and the adults had a great time catching up. Keaton was the only dude amongst a gaggle of cute little gals. One of these days he's really going to appreciate that.

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