Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kollan James Heck

Born on Christmas Day

Monday, December 21, 2009

Friends Christmas

Darren gets the bird!!!
Pete makes the trip from Georgia!!!
And the fun begins!!
Ben getting ready to open his gift.
Craig goes for the shotski!
Oh, Clayton gets a photo of J for his office.
And Molly gets one of herself.
Jerrod gets a snuggie!!
And models it!
Brian gets Mr. October (sans snuggie)!!
J gets something to fill the shotski.
Fill'er up!
And Jason gets some too!!!
Dr. Peepers gets Operation.
And Kev gets more booze!!! I think this is where it all started going downhill!!
Fill up the shotski again!
Carmal loves BSU and gets a BSU puzzle. But, Jeff tells his prego wife that she can't bring it in the house and if she brings it home she will sleep outside. So, Mike and I now have a new puzzle for Christmas in SunValley.
Colbi gets the Boise Braves shirt! Go Braves!!
I take a break from calling names for the White Elephant for a quick drink.
The Clooners
More shotski!!!!
Doc Schmoops can't handle it!!
Secret agent Julie Carmine.
Staces looking lovely in her new hat!
Sarah steals Mr. October.
The ladies (and the Matt's?) having a peek at Mr. October.
MORE shotski!!!! These ladies were prego at last year's Xmas party!!
Renae, Stacey, Dana and myself. And Mike and his shiner :)
Jerret, Mike and Jill
Matt and Celeste
Molly, Cheryl and Kami
J, Kev and Mike
Cody and Dana
Dana and Brian (nice pipe).
Our bartenders indulging in the shotski! Yay!!! Santa came!!!! He surprised us all!!!!!
The Mogensens have to do the shotski!!!!
Colbi, Santa and Celeste.
Darren getting initiated by Santa.
Zoolander, Celeste and Ben.
Renae, Santa and Molly. Santa knows who's naughty and nice!!!!

The Slaughters and Santa. Wait! Sara I think that gets you on Santa's naughty list?!!
Julie, Laura and me.
Pete and Santa have a moment. J loves fire and ice!
Fire and ice....so good....yet so bad!!
Every year we all get together for our annual friends Christmas party. We've gotten smarter over the years and stopped holding it at someone's house and for the 2nd year have had it at The Sun Ray cafe in their back room. The space is perfect and the owner treats us very well. Let's hope after this years debauchery that he'll have us back again :).

The festivities include, dinner, annual slideshow (produced this year by Jeff Chrisman who did an awesome job), white elephant gift exchange and a visit from Santa Clause!!! Always too much fun!!!

Girlfriends Christmas

The theme was Kobe and Cabernet
The lovely tables
A close up
More tables....we had a huge group this year!!!
Colbi snapping some shots.
Molly, Cori and Sarah

Getting ready for a cheers with shots of tequila...whose idea?!

Colbi, Cori, Dana and me.

Kelley and Wendy

Laura loves her present from Dana!!!

Crazy bird lady Cody!!!

Cody's bird(s)....they started multiplying.....want in Laura's flower.

Nooner, Renae and Kristin hosted a FABULOUS party this year. I love this time of year and this party in particular. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, diverse, caring, thoughtful and crazy group of girls here in Boise. I love you all and thanks for the friendschip and good times.