Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making daddy proud

Mike left for phoenix yesterday & comes home tomorrow. I leave before he gets home to head to seattle for my first night away in a year! Girls weekend here I come! Since mike and I don't cross paths before I leave I won't see him until sunday. I think this may be the longest amount of time we've been apart?

Yesterday was papa's bday so keaton & I headed over there for dinner. Ed and donna had been in minnesota for the holidays & we hadn't seen them in a while. When we got to their house they had this little vikings jersey waiting for keaton. I must admit....(even though i'm a seahawks fan) it looks pretty cute on him. Thanks nana & papa!

Miss you mike!

1 comment:

Timmer said...

Get that lousy Jared Allen jersey off that poor kid!!!!! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!