Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boo at the Zoo

Sleepy Little Bear
The Bear and the Witch!
Checking out the Lions
The Weavers
Mike and Keaton
Owen, Keaton and the Weaver boys
Lily Hopstead (Elmo), Paige Chrisman (Octopus), Gabby Wong (Witch), Keaton (Little Bear) Mia White (Dragon), Cayla Chrisman (Princess). Not Pictured Alice Mogensen (Chicken).Our attempt at a group photo.
Mia the Dragon, Gabby the Witch, Alice the Chicken and Keaton our little Bear.
Close up of the Happy Little Bear
Me and the Little Bear
Happy Little Bear
Getting ready to go into the Zoo
Yesterday we headed to Boo at the Zoo with a few friends and their kids. It was CRAZY!! Keaton was too interested people watching to care about the animals. We plan to take him back when it's not so crazy. He is really into animals right now so we think he'll enjoy it. He turned 5 months old last week. Man how time flies!!! He is such a fun little man right now learning new things every day. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some random photos of the little man...

Keaton and his Nana Donna
Having bagels on a Saturday morning with Nana, Mom and Dad.
Chewing on his fingers....he's teething!!
Showing off his pants and shoes (hand me downs compliments of Alice Mogensen).
Standing like a big boy!
So happy :)
Keaton and his Uncle Donny
Making friends at breakfast :)

30th Hannahversary!!

Brandie and Dave on the dance floor!
Brandie getting up close and personal with Rocci Johnson!!
Ben, Molly R., Me, Mike and Colbi dancing it up to the Rocci Johnson Band!!
Jake with all of the evidence!!
Me and Carmal on the dance floor.
Mike and I rocking out to Rocci!!
What the heck is going on here?!

Dave and Mike
Ben, Tom, Dick (owner of Hannah's) and Jeff
The Chrismans
Molly, Colbi and Renae
Colbi, Renae, Me and Brandie!

Colbi and I heading into Hannah's
Me, Brandie, Carmal and Molly
Kevin, Colbi, Renae, Carmal, Me and Ben...starting the night off with some shots! It was all downhill from there!
Colbi, Renae and Carmal. Notice how they are done with their shots and she still has hers?

Me, Brandie and Dave
Last weekend we went to the 30th anniversary of Humpin' Hannahs or the "Hannahversary"! This bar is owned by Tyler Dufenhorts Dad. Mike went to Highschool with Tyler and he was in our wedding. The house band (the Rocci Johnson Band - Rocci is Tyler D's stepmom) played at our wedding! We had a great you can tell :)

The Bear Suit Stills!!

Close up of the cute little bear!
Coco checking out the bear suit.
So cute!!
From behind :)

Keaton's first snow fall!

Last Friday we had our first snow fall here in Boise. Yes, it was a little early! I was at the gym so I missed it. But, Mike, Tyler and Ben (3 men and a baby) were good dads and documented it. They also documented the fact that they took Keaton out in the snow with no pants or coat on. Oh well, I guess that is what makes Dads so rules...right?

Play date with the Weaver boys!

Keaton playing with a toy.
Caulder (right?) showing him how to play with it!
"Wow! You guys can sit and move around!!"
Cute boys!
Keaton, Caulder and Kessler. They were kind enough to let Keaton use their bouncie seat.
And Kessler shows him how to make it bounce!!
Mat and Keaton
Wow Caulder!! You can walk!!!
Caulder....look at those big blue eyes!!
We had our first (hopefully of many) get together with the Weavers and the boys (since our camping trip in June). Keaton is older now and it is so fun to see them all interract. We hope they will grow into great friends. I had twins for friends growing up (the Hathaway girls) and had the best time!