Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Play date with the Weaver boys!

Keaton playing with a toy.
Caulder (right?) showing him how to play with it!
"Wow! You guys can sit and move around!!"
Cute boys!
Keaton, Caulder and Kessler. They were kind enough to let Keaton use their bouncie seat.
And Kessler shows him how to make it bounce!!
Mat and Keaton
Wow Caulder!! You can walk!!!
Caulder....look at those big blue eyes!!
We had our first (hopefully of many) get together with the Weavers and the boys (since our camping trip in June). Keaton is older now and it is so fun to see them all interract. We hope they will grow into great friends. I had twins for friends growing up (the Hathaway girls) and had the best time!

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