Friday, December 28, 2007

19 Weeks and Kickin'!!!

Well, Danielle has finally coerced me into writing my first blog entry. However, it wasn't to difficult a task because I had quite the experience last night and I'm itching to share it with family and friends. I finally got to feel the little guy or gal (depends on who you ask) kick. I've tried to feel in the past but apparently he/she wasn't quite kicking hard enough. The chicken burrito Danielle had for dinner last night must have done the trick because the babies motor was running. He/she was really putting his foot into Danielle's belly (I hope he/she doesn't turn out to be a soccer player because soccer is extremely boring). It was quite an amazing and humbling experience for me and one I'll never forget. It was the first time that I got to get a little taste of what my beautiful wife is experiencing. She's carrying the best present she or I will ever receive and I couldn't be more proud of her. We find out what we're having on Wednesday at 1:00 so that means by Wednesday at 5:05 Danielle will have me working on the babies room. We'll post the results of the ultra sound after the doctors appointment. We can't wait.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Let the Christmas parties begin!!

This weekend marked the beginning of our Holiday parties. We had our work party Saturday night and had a few coworkers over before for some appetizers and cocktails. Sunday we headed to the Chrisman's for a little get together where Santa Claus made an appearance for the kids! Some loved it! Some...well....not so much....poor little Mia!

Friday, December 14, 2007


We went to Chicago last weekend for the wedding of Mark Mogenson. Mark's brother Tom was in our wedding and Mark has made the effort to attend all of our weddings....and we love his new wife Erin! So, we decided to make the trip to Chicago. Especially since neither of us had ever been. It was a great time and a beautiful wedding. Chicago is a neat town and we plan on visiting again when the weather is a little warmer. The wedding reception was in downtown Chicago at the Drake hotel. We stayed at the nearby Residence Inn with the Walters. We had a great location....close to shopping and dining....just off of Michigan Ave. Good times!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Here are a few photos from our trip to Oahu and Kauai. We had a great time and saw some very neat things. It was nice and relaxing...but we also got in a couple good hikes. We leave on Friday to head to Chicago for a wedding. I am feeling a little wore out from all of the traveling...but we are looking forward to seeing Chicago for the first time. Our friends Scot (aka Doc Shmoops) and Sarah were with us in Kauai until Wednesday. They were great traveling companions and we had an awesome time with them. We were on our own Thursday through Sunday and returned home late Monday night. The traveling home is a whole other story :)

I can't beleive the Hoiday's are upon us already. Wow....the year has flown by!!!