Monday, December 17, 2012

A busy November and the beginning of December!

We moved the Wednesday before Thanksgiving
 Keatons Thanksgiving Questionairre from School
 Sitting on the couch relaxing between unpacking boxes
 Funny game we play in the truck when it's dark. We can't seel til the flash goes off on the camera.
 At the Holiday Parade (lame)
 Josie and her pal Stella
 Time for the gingerbread house
 Josie throwing one back with Dave. Don't worry, her bottle was empty.
 Yay! Our new house has room for our friends!!!!
 North Pole Express!!
 The Wong kids with Santa.
 Proud parents
 Keaton and his buddy Max.
 More of the fun game in the truck in the dark. It makes Josie laugh so hard when I take Keaton's photo.
 Silly girl
 Another Cheeseball.
 She loves this game!
 On the train
 Gotta love that face!!!!!
Not too sure about Santa
Oh, and the couch is too big for the house!!!!!!