Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rest Assured

Mike and I are studying up to make sure we know what to do with this baby once it arrives.

Friday, January 18, 2008

22 Weeks!!

Here is a photo of me at 22 weeks. I am at the point now where I definitely look pregnant. I have even had my first couple of "strangers" comment on my belly!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Little Tidbits.....

Keaton! The name we decided on is Keaton. Quick story on how we came up with it....

We found out we were expecting on a Wednesday and that Friday we drove to Red Lodge Montana for the wedding of a friend of Mike's from College. While out and about in downtown Red Lodge we over heard a mom calling her little boy "Keaton"....we both looked at each other and said...."that's a nice name"....and the rest is history. It stayed at the top of our list and just stuck! We liked the fact that it wasn't on any of the baby lists we were seeing but it wasn't too out of the ordinary. There you have it!!

On baby happenings...he is moving constantly! If it is a sign of things to come we are going to have a busy body on our hands!! I can feel him all the time now...and to be honest...I'm still getting used to it :) If you know me then you know my tendency to get grossed out easily. I am the girl that nearly passes out at the eye dr....don't get me the same time I love it. Just knowing he's in there and doing ok...but it is a different feeling to adjust to. Personally I am feeling ok, just fighting the same cold all of Boise seems to be fighting. I thought I was going to get lucky and have it pass me by, but I wasn't. I feel like I am getting bigger everyday and promise a new belly photo this week as I am now 22 weeks!!

We are getting the nursery painted next week! The crib bedding we ordered arrived and we both love it. We also got our stroller all set up and ready to go. The cat even took a spin around the living room in it, just to make sure it was acceptable :)

Thanks to everyone for checking in on us from time to time! We love you and miss you all.

Mike, Danny and baby Keaton

Monday, January 7, 2008

Quick update....

We had our Dr. appointment today (to follow up the ultrasound) and everything is great! There were a couple things the tech had told us at the ultrasound (low lying placenta and mild placenta insertion) that alarmed us...but Dr. Hodges reassured us everything was OK!! Phew! He said low lying placenta's never "turn" into placenta previa. Either you have it, or you don't and I don't. I was a little concerned (and he could tell) so he said he would give me another ultrasound around 34 weeks just to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be and that it would be possible for me to have a vaginal birth. The other issue is such a non issue...they just note where the umbilical cord inserts into the placenta for delivery purposes. Nothing out of the ordinary.

On another note...we decided on a name...if you ask me nice, I might tell you :)

We will post a 21 week belly photo in the near future. I feel like I am getting so BIG...but I know it's just the beginning!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here are a few of the better ultrasounds photos. It sounds like we may have to have at least one more ultrasound (if not more) to monitor the placement of the placenta, so hopefully we can get some better pics next time. Maybe a profile? That would be fun. We have our Dr. appointment Monday so we will learn more about the couple of things the tech noted in our file after the ultrasound.   Didn't sound like anything to major but we will keep everyone posted. Enjoy this peek at our little guy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 was the day!!

And.......It's a BOY!!! There was no mistaking this one as the little guy was very excited to let us know what he was....(if you know what I mean by excited). I guess he knew how anxious his parents were.

We are thrilled!!

Everything else checked out great too!!