Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here are a few of the better ultrasounds photos. It sounds like we may have to have at least one more ultrasound (if not more) to monitor the placement of the placenta, so hopefully we can get some better pics next time. Maybe a profile? That would be fun. We have our Dr. appointment Monday so we will learn more about the couple of things the tech noted in our file after the ultrasound.   Didn't sound like anything to major but we will keep everyone posted. Enjoy this peek at our little guy!


misti said...

I see it barely! so they say... like father--like son

Kris said...

Congratulations, Mike and Danny!

Gender...that always makes me laugh. Aren't techs allowed to type 'penis'?

BTW, I kept a Christmas card aside for you, hoping to get a card from you so that we had your address. Which worked but gave the saved card enough time to become lost. Can you believe it? So we'll see if it turns up...maybe you'll get it before Mr. Gender is born...or not!

Cousin Kris

BioInfoGuy said...

Congrats on your SON!! Good news for you- and Jason is jealous! ~Shelley