Thursday, May 27, 2010

First movie night

Tonight we took keaton to his first ever movie in a theater. We went out for sushi & then saw shrek. It was a great time & I was pleasantly surprised at how good he was.  He sat through the entire thing! 

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 year check up stats

Today we had Keaton's 2 year check up. Here are his stats
Weight 31.25 lbs 93%
Length 36.5" 95%
Head 5o cm 80%
Mike asked the dr. at what age can you determine what height he would be. She said that it is at the 2 year appt and that you basically double the measurement. So we asked "so around 6 feet?" She said she would guess a little taller like around 6'3". I can't even believe that some day my little boy will tower over me!!! He is learning and growing like a champ!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah's Shower

These are a little out of order, but you get the idea. This weekend I helped Kristen hostess a shower for our lovely bride Sarah. Here are a few photos from her "Wine Tasting" themed shower. (Great idea Kristen!!) MOH Kristen Walker, the lovely bride Sarah Dopko and me!
The ribbon bouquet
By the looks of this nightie I think Sarah's Mom Lynne is ready for some grandkids!

And Lynne has plans for Sarah on how to become a great step mom to Reggie.

And more from Lynne's goody bag. Is that massage oil? I hope that is for Scot and not Reggie :)

Sweet! A Coordinating nightie and cat poop scoop!!! Scot's dream girl!!

Yay! Glasses!! We've all seen Scot's collection of glasses. These are much needed :)
Beautiful flower box from Dana!

Fun cookbook from Renae

A few of the gals and Grandma Phyllis

We all shared a favorite recipe with Sarah.

The MOH and hostess with the mostess Kristen Walker.

Being the bride is FUN!!!!

Is there anything under there?!

The coveted Tastebook from Laura.

Who doesn't like the little pink box?!

Sarah, Kelley Wolff and Kendall Laursen.
The dessert and champagne.

Food table.
Another view...
and another.

The other angle.
The wine table.

Keaton's 2nd Birthday

Here are some pics from this weekend and Keaton's second Birthday. We had a nice small party at home with just the Family. We had my folks in town and Aunt Kiki from MN. Mike's parents were also able to join us, my cousin and her husband Dave and Cody, Alisha, Lexi and Kollan. Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate and for making Keaton's day/weekend so special. Eyeing the cake. We had practiced singing to him and having him blow out his candles all week. He was a champ!

Yum! Can't wait to dig in. Actually...all he really wanted were the m&m's!

Cousins! Keaton and Kollan
Keaton and Grandma.
Some of the party set up.
The Birthday boy!

Trip to Spokane

In May we headed to Spokane for Bloomsday. While there we were able to have a nice dinner with my family one night (thanks Aunt Debbie), dinner with my HS friends and their kids (thanks Nik) and have some family photos taken. Here are some shots from the weekend. Carson, Daxtin, Beckett, Tiegan, Keaton and Abbe hanging out on the Deke's dog house.

Tiegan and Keaton. These guys are 9 mos apart. I wished we lived closer so they could hang out more :(

We have Tiegan to thank for Keaton's love for Thomas the train. Prior to this weekend, Keaton had no idea who Thomas was. Now, he's hooked!!

Keaton getting some love from Abbe.

The gang! This time we got Jaxson in on the pic!

Playing with his trains.

Deke was a good sport playing with the kids.

I think this little boy is going to want a dog!!

Playing fetch!

Waiting for the ball.

My mom's cat Georgia sleeping in my bed.