Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah's Shower

These are a little out of order, but you get the idea. This weekend I helped Kristen hostess a shower for our lovely bride Sarah. Here are a few photos from her "Wine Tasting" themed shower. (Great idea Kristen!!) MOH Kristen Walker, the lovely bride Sarah Dopko and me!
The ribbon bouquet
By the looks of this nightie I think Sarah's Mom Lynne is ready for some grandkids!

And Lynne has plans for Sarah on how to become a great step mom to Reggie.

And more from Lynne's goody bag. Is that massage oil? I hope that is for Scot and not Reggie :)

Sweet! A Coordinating nightie and cat poop scoop!!! Scot's dream girl!!

Yay! Glasses!! We've all seen Scot's collection of glasses. These are much needed :)
Beautiful flower box from Dana!

Fun cookbook from Renae

A few of the gals and Grandma Phyllis

We all shared a favorite recipe with Sarah.

The MOH and hostess with the mostess Kristen Walker.

Being the bride is FUN!!!!

Is there anything under there?!

The coveted Tastebook from Laura.

Who doesn't like the little pink box?!

Sarah, Kelley Wolff and Kendall Laursen.
The dessert and champagne.

Food table.
Another view...
and another.

The other angle.
The wine table.

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