Monday, May 24, 2010

Maiden Voyage - Camping Season 2010

We were able to head out camping the last weekend in April this year with a great group of friends. We opted for a close trip to Three Island State Park. It is a great park with a winery within walking distance. It was a little (or a lot) windy the first day. But, the wind died down a little the second day and we were able to really enjoy ourselves. Can't wait to head out again!!! Keaton and Max driving golf carts. Boys will be boys!
Papa supervising. Ed, Donna and Barb Jones drove down for the afternoon and enjoyed dinner at the winery and were able to join us for a couple bottles of wine.
Gabby and Max. She was a great help keeping the boys in check!
Keaton and Mike. He was loving all the rocks. The poor people that mow the lawn for the winery/golf course probably had a few go through their mower.

Max running down the hill, then back up again. He did this for a good 20 min or so. Which is an eternity in toddler time!

Keaton and his buddy Gabby. I love that this year they actually "play" together!!

Picking dandelions.
Josh and Rachel enjoying the winery.

Mike and Jerod.

The Slaughters.
Playing on the green.
What a doll!!

He has an aversion to shoes these days.

Trying for a group shot.

Painting camping style (on paper plates).

Max taking Keaton's bike for a spin!

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