Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to Spokane

In May we headed to Spokane for Bloomsday. While there we were able to have a nice dinner with my family one night (thanks Aunt Debbie), dinner with my HS friends and their kids (thanks Nik) and have some family photos taken. Here are some shots from the weekend. Carson, Daxtin, Beckett, Tiegan, Keaton and Abbe hanging out on the Deke's dog house.

Tiegan and Keaton. These guys are 9 mos apart. I wished we lived closer so they could hang out more :(

We have Tiegan to thank for Keaton's love for Thomas the train. Prior to this weekend, Keaton had no idea who Thomas was. Now, he's hooked!!

Keaton getting some love from Abbe.

The gang! This time we got Jaxson in on the pic!

Playing with his trains.

Deke was a good sport playing with the kids.

I think this little boy is going to want a dog!!

Playing fetch!

Waiting for the ball.

My mom's cat Georgia sleeping in my bed.

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