Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rock band night photos.....

Play that guitar Jerret!!
Sarah....what's wrong!!!???
Groupie Alice dancing her heart out!
Jumping on the couch!!
They had they same hair stylist that evening. Don't worry ladies...the same thing happened to Madonna and Lindsday Lohan earlier this week.
Shmoops and Lily
Sing Lily! Show us how it's done!!
I put Keaton down on the blanket to play and the girls had to join him!
Loving the ladies!
Alice Mogensen
Lily Hopstead
" what I can do!!"
The Mogensens, The Hopsteads, Doc Schmoops, Miss Sarah D and Colbi all joined us for a night of RockBand. I think we may have sold someone else on the Wii. We should start getting a commission!!

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