Monday, November 19, 2012

Almost time to move!

Here is a phone dump from the past week. We move on Wednesday!! Can't wait!!!!
Keaton at his school Thanksgiving feast. I got to join him for lunch. What a fun time :)

 Once again....he was playing with a measuring tape.....she needed one too. Also, this is what she does lately when I tell her to smile.
 Shopping at Target. She would not let us leave with out this shopping cart for her.
 And again with the "smile"
 This is Josie getting her black Friday shopping face on "get out of my way ladies!!"
 And she's spent :)
 The next day with an oreo face
 These are some pics Ed took of Keaton and the redecorating job Keaton has done on Ed's office

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Ellie said...

The kids are sooo cute! Good luck with the move. Be sure to give us your new address!