Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Phone Dump

Here are my photos from my phone for the end of September.
 Someone got a hold of the scissors and gave himself a little haircut. He thought he looked pretty good.
 I guess I need to take spare clothes into daycare for Josie or she comes home looking like this.
 Josie added a little somthing to her after school snack. BBQ potatoe chips...and cat food?
The nights have been gorgeous and we have been able to hit up the park a few times. She still loves to slide :)

Here is Keaton at the park and an after shot of his buzz cut to even out his chop job.

 I love seeing the projects he does at preschool. This one melted my heart :)
Hanging with the hulk. Just another day at the Dahlbergs.

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