Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend Round Up

 Mommy bubby date (Brandie too) to Hotel Transylvania 3-D
 He needed under armour for his iron man suit. So, practically a ream of paper and a roll of masking tape and voila! The paper man?
 Saturday a dinner party at the Thompsons and our parting gift (Malcom for a sleepover....see previous post where Keaton includes the Thomspon brothers as his family....LOVE)!
 A trip to Old Navy for some new fall vests and....mustaches?!
 The Lorax?
 Get this girl a Harley!
 Botanical Gardens Harvest Festival. These two always love to tear up the dance floor. A sign of things to come? Oh Stacey, I see some sleepless nights in our futures :)
The under armour under the costume, but wait! He also needed his eyes to be blue under his mask. Man, I love this kid!!!
An impropmtu weekend at home left us with an open calendar and beautiful weather in Boise to enjoy. We were also able to get our house ready to put it on the market! Here are a few phone pics.

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