Monday, October 3, 2011

4 months

Sorry for the lack of posts. I promise as fall sets in and things slow down I will be a better blogger. For poor Josie's sake more than anything. I plan to use this blog as the kids memory books and well, I guess you can see that the second child really does get the short end of the stick on that whole thing :) So Josie, I make this promise to you to be a better "memory blogger".

She turned 4 months old last weekend and is getting so big. I can't beleive that 4 months have passed already. Once again I find myself asking, "where did the time go?". Josie is smiling, laughing, rolling over and eating rice cereal!!! I am back at work (in my 3rd week) and she has adjusted (and so have I) just fine to daycare. Her big brother takes good care of her and enjoys having her there too.

Keaton is growing like a weed too and is such a BIG boy!!!! He is still VERY into super hero's and enjoys dressing up and playing super hero squad every chance he gets. He is getting very good at riding his bike, dressing himself, picking up after himself and working on his listening skills :) He is excited for Halloween and as of yesterday plans to be a Red Samurai Power Ranger.

So far this fall we are enjoying the gorgeous weather, catching up with friends, Sunday mt bike rides together, bronco football and back to the alley for bowling! I have my first weekend away from Josie (and Keaton and Mike) to go back east for a family wedding. I am looking forward to the "me" time but will miss everyone bunches. This is Mike's first time taking on both kids for an extended period of time. I'm sure it will be a fun weekend for the kids...the rules seem to be more lax when mom is away :)

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