Wednesday, August 25, 2010

McCall with the Hamiltons

This past weekend Molly and Jesse Hamilton had us and the Slaughters up to their place in McCall. They are such great hosts, graciously opened their cabin to us and showed us all a fabulous time. And not to mention they make having 3 kids look pretty easy. Well as easy as 3 kids can be :). I didn't get a photo, but Jesse even got Mike up surfing for the first time! Way to go Mike! Thanks Hamiltons for the good times. If you ever need a weekend out in the "bus" let us know, we'd love to repay the hospitality. Meredith, Delaney and Keaton watching a movie.
Having snacks on the beach.
Keaton jumping off the dock.
He is getting braver!
Youngest Howell. (McCall neighbors of the Hamilton's). Not sure if he ate more sand or grapes.

Sara looks glamorous even with a towel on her head.
Delaney's butt and Jesse.
She is such a cute little thing!!!! Those Hamilton's make some petite girls. Keaton is 3 months older than Delaney.
The Slaughters
Not sure what is going on here :)
Keaton buried up to his knees!
All of the kids buried!!
Delaney enjoying a messy smore. Molly bought some GIANT marshmallows.
Molly trying to keep the mess to a minimum :)
Keaton and Mike
I think I cut him off from the smores?

He's pretty mad. The Hamilton girls aren't sure what is going on!
Sitting by Delaney makes him feel better.

The Dahlbergs (today is our 3 year anniversary!!!!) Wow...who was pouring the wine. That looks like a full glass.

Enjoying the view

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