Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mike's trip to Alaska

When I was in Spokane/Post Falls a couple weeks ago Mike headed to Alaska for a fishing trip with his Dad and Doug. Mike should be doing this post....but he is taking too long so I thought I would do it. They caught some BIG fish and by the looks of the pics and the stories I've heard....had a great time.

They flew to Anchorage and then had to take a puddle jumper to the lodge.

Mike and a pink? Or is that a silver? I have no's a salmon. That I do know. I think?

Doug and their guide. Mike thought he was a ringer for Jack Black. I can see it.

The view from the lodge.

Ed and a Chinook?

More fish....

The group with a shot of the Lake Marie Lodge sign. The couple that owned the lodge homesteaded the land.

The rustic lodge and one of the large Saint Bernards that helped keep the bears away.

More fish....

And more fish....

Oh wait! More fish :)

There were so many fish here is a pic where Mike just caught one and Doug has one on the line.
I would hate to meet that thing in the water while swimming. Sure tastes good though. Definitely the best salmon I have ever had.

And one last fish!

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