Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun in February

Keaton, Mike and Mia at the White's cabin in Donnelly for Winter Carnival.
Keaton and Kessler being silly!!
Keaton and the Weaver boys (Caulder and Kessler) playing with stickers (mailing labels).
Cute boys!!!
Paige Chrisman, Gabby Wong and Cayla Chrisman at the Chrisman's cabin in McCall for Winter Carnival.
Paige and Gabby
Max Wong
Molly and Keaton
Eating chips at the Chrisman's cabin.
Looking cool in his new shades.
Dancing with his friend Alice Mogensen.

Keaton and Alice watching a movie eating m&m's.
Giving his girlfriend Layla Forsey's photo a kiss!
I think it's love!!
Had to post....too cute!!
Out at Daddy's work checking out the race cars!!! He was in heaven!!!

Race cars and heavy equipment. A little boy's dream!!!
Wow!! A Big Rig!!
Look Dad!!
More driving :)

Such a big boy :)
Loving it!!! Running around
C'mon Dad!!!

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