Monday, March 1, 2010

Weee Ooooo Weee Ooooo

I  tease that Keaton is going to be like the guy in Police Academy, you know the one that only makes sound effects? Had to google this one....Larvell Jones. Anyway, he loves firetrucks and calls them "wee ooo wee ooos". Well because that is the sound they make!! Jerrod Wong was kind enough to give us a quick tour on Friday and let Keaton drive a few of the trucks and engines they had there. He had a great time!!! He loves to sit in the driver seat of any vehicle and pretend to drive and will do so for hours if we let him. He is constantly pointing outside to our cars (or like last night to Nana and Papa's garage...I can go off on a whole seperate BLOG post here) and telling us "bbrrrrmmm bbrrrrmmmm". That means he wants to go pretend to drive. As you can see from the photos he got plenty of driving in at the station. Thanks Jerrod!!

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