Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Roars, Ribbys and Duck Duck's oh my!!!

I feel like I can see Keaton growing before my eyes!!!! It's amazing the changes he has made even since Christmas. He listens (some days) and understands more, can communicate more with me (I think I am starting to understand his language better) and is really becoming a little boy. Long gone are the days of my little baby boy. He loves animals!!! He has this favorite clip on you tube that he asks to watch over and over. It is of African Animals set to one of the songs in the movie Hoosiers. It is about 4 minutes long which is right about his attention span. He asks for it by pointing to the lap top and roaring (he loves lions). He still loves to read books and amazes me almost every time we sit down to read one with the things he recognizes. Last week he was pointing to something and saying "ribby". I didn't catch on at first but then noticed he was pointing to Freddy the Frog (in the little people books he loves)! So now I know a "ribby" is a frog! Get it? Frogs say ribbit? Man he's smart ;) Oh and every bird is a duck duck. Even Big Bird is a duck duck. When we go for walks or runs in the stroller I constantly hear duck duck, every time he sees a bird. I guess he doesn't want me to miss the scenery!

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