Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Caden and Keaton
Keaton and his buddy Caden

Ronnie at Monkey Business

Can you see Ronnie all the way at the top of the stairs getting ready to go down the slide?

There he goes!!!

Ronnie climbing the rock wall and Gabby waiting her turn.

Way to go Ronnie!!!

Gabby, Max, Keaton and Ronnie at Redfish lake in the hammock.
Such a big boy sitting in his chair eating his snacks.

Keaton loves bikes! He also loves helmets and sunglasses. Whenever Mike and I are getting ready to go for a ride (as we were doing here one day meeting Sarah) he likes to put on our helmets and sunglasses and get ready to go for a ride on his bike. We know what this little guy is getting from Santa this year!!

Keaton and Sarah

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