Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some random photos...

Keaton hanging out listening to music with Mom and Dad
On Dad's chest
With his Papa Ed
With his Nana Donna
In his Johnny jumper from Jake Pugmire
Jessa Pugmire...can't beleive how old she is!
Jake Pugmire
I was laughing so hard when I put his shirt on him....had to take a photo!
His shirt says..."My mom is the BOMB!"
I call this one "Simple Jack". Go see Tropic Thunder and you'll understand why :)

Daddy and KeatonKeaton and his Papa taking a nap
Bowling with the Mogensen's...Alice has the bowling gene
Do you think the little Mogey on the way will too? Congrats to the Mogensens who are expecting their second...and the Whites too!!!
Keaton with Jessa and Jake Pugmire. Thanks to Kristen for all the great hand me downs!

Well, we have kept busy this September with friends and family as usual. Here are some random photos from the month.

Keaton is getting BIGGER everyday. He is four months old today and is amazing us with new skills all the time. He is so much fun these days!! His latest accomplishments....rolling over (front to back and back to front), puts all his weight on his legs, holds his head up, laughs, squeels, makes motor boat sounds, talks a ton, eats rice cereal, found his feet and reaches out and grabs/touches things. What a BIG boy!!!

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