Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our first weekend away...

The view from our seats
The scoreboard
The gang at dinner
Us at the game
Me and Dopko at the game!
The Walters

Me and Lisa Chipman
The Walters
Me and Cousin Amy
Me, Amy and Dopko
The ladies...

More of the ladies...
Me and the guys
Sarah and Kyle Wilsons Dad.
Jerret and Kevin

Mike and I had our first weekend away from Keaton. We headed to Eugene for the U of O vs BSU game. Thanks to Papa Ed and Nana Donna for watching our little dude. He said he had a blast. Mommy and Daddy had fun too. Here are some pics from the weekend. But, we sure did miss Keaton...it was great to get home and give him kisses and hugs.

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The Bertelsen Bunch said...

Good for you guys for getting away! We still have never been away from Elsa, probably about time since she is 1 now! Maybe we will have to look into that...:~)