Monday, May 26, 2008

Introducing Keaton Edwin Dahlberg

Sorry for the delay but here are some pictures of Keaton and his family.


Kelly said...

Congratulations! He looks so sweet. He reminds me of Will and Jack - they were both about that size and had a ton of hair. We look forward to meeting him. Enjoy!

The Bertelsen Bunch said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! He is adorable, so much hair! You guys look so happy! We can't wait to meet him as well! Enjoy every moment! Love, Betsy, Kennet & Elsa

Tam and the Sullivans said...

HOORAY HOORAY!!!! We're so glad for you all, can't wait to see more pictures!!

Your baby is beautiful!!

Maggie (Anderson) Fultz said...

He is gorgeous...can you believe all that hair? He looks so prim and proper - guess he is in for a tough lesson when he finds out about his wild n' crazy momma, huh?

Congrats again!