Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Now anyone who's knows me, knows I am also a gassy person. But, man...pregnancy takes it to a whole new level and brings with it awful pain!!!! I am learning to stay away from certain far broccoli and pinto beans. As I love both I hope they are something I can revisit farther along in the pregnancy. And, both are supposed to be good for the baby. Just not for the mama and those within a one block radius of her rear :)

I finished my first pregnancy book (thanks to uncle Crystal for sending it). It is Belly Laughs, by Jenny McCarthy. I have always loved her and thought she was hilarious, but this book has taken my fondness and turned it into a love for Jenny. In this book she writes short chapters about what really happens to you and your body during pregnancy in a no holds barred style. She's crass and really tells it like it is. I recommend it for any mother or father to be!!

I should have the first two belly photos up at the end of this week. I will post them after the appointment so that they will be titled with the correct week. We will find out exactly how far along we are Friday morning at check back for more news and details!!


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Anonymous said...

Well, if you want the truth...I think many of us can be equally as blunt as Jenny when it comes to not-so-fun changes from pregnancy and childbirth. Of course, it all depends on the elasticity and good/bad genes of the pregnant one when it comes to how well her body survives the experience. Suffice it to say, if you have a 9 pound plus baby (Anders) and your "canal" doesn't bounce back, you'll find your husband's "babymaker" shrinks significantly! I have a feeling, Danny, that you'll be one of those "lucky" women who doesn't look pregnant all over, goes home from the hospital in her skinny jeans, and looks forever like she never had a kid. You know, the bitches the rest of us who still lug around our 17-year-old baby weight love to hate. But, really, it's all worth it - stretch marks, fried-eggs-hanging-on-a-wall boobs, hemmerhoids, and a beautiful baby! Love Auntie Sue