Monday, December 27, 2010

Friends Annual Christmas Party 2010

Another year another friends Christmas under our belts. We held it once again at the Sun Ray cafe. But, for reasons I cannot disclose I have a feeling we will be looking for a new location next year :). It was another great party with a fabulous slide show from Chrisman Productions, a visit from Santa Claus and the White Elephant Gift Exchange. Thanks to everyone for coming and for the memories!!Tom gets the perfect gift for him....BEER!
The shake weights are a hit!
Uh, what is Jeff doing?
Molly loves the shake weight!!!
Nooner gets cuffed and blindfolded and Clayton wasn't even there.
Nice one Luke!
Ridgeway (The Montana Grad) gets BSU stuff!!
I'm pretty sure Carson left that little guy at the party. This was after he opened his first gift....Jeff's coat. I'm not sure which is worse?

Laura gets a shirt! It read "I love Lady Gay Gay" and proceeded to wear it the rest of the evening. PIGS IN SPACE!!!!
Perfect for a Vandal.
J, Pete and Jeff.
Matt opening his gift. This one was a "hot" commodity.
Santa and Jeff.
The Riders even showed up!!! What a surprise!

The Thompsons love Santa! Or at least Cheryl does.

Getting the fire and ice shots lined up!
Pete and Katie...down the hatch!!
Cheryl Thompson
Jeff, Brit and Jerrod
Ashley and Brian.....this was Ashley's first taste of Santa Tom.
The Wongs
Ridgeway, Kristin and Tim. The Thorntons were also new to the Santa Tom rituals.

The Bells and Santa
Katie and Me.

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