Thursday, June 24, 2010

First Dentist Visit

I took Keaton to his first dentist appointment yesterday. It was really
just a meet and greet and get familiar for Keaton. The Dr. looked in his
mouth and he is getting his last 2 year molar, all the others are in.
The place (referred by the Mogensen's) is GREAT! Yesterday they had a
clown and a face painter. Keaton didn't want to leave. He also played
with all the instruments; squirted water, sucked it up, blew the air and
put them all in his mouth on his own with no problem. When we go back at
3 years he will have his teeth cleaned...I'm sure that visit will be
much different.

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Ethan Pew said...

Oh, if every dental office would have a clown, a face painter and lots of toys, I might not be able to bring my son back home! LOL! I just hope that the kids there will not forget to have their teeth checked - not by the clown. :D

-> Ethan Pew