Monday, April 5, 2010


Coloring Easter Eggs
It's a messy job!
Hunting eggs at the Wong's
Looking for his bucket
Close up of Keaton in the group shot
Group photo.....lot's of kids!!!!

Paige Chrisman and Keaton

Paige was loving on Keaton all morning. He wasn't really into it :) We'll remind him of this when he's 16 and she's 17 and won't give him the time of day!!!

Max Wong

Keaton playing with Max's toys. When we first got there he was one of the only boys. All of the girls headed up to Gabby's room to play and he followed. When he got up there they shut the door on him and said "no boys allowed"! He cried :) I will remind him of this as well.

Hanging with Mom reading a book.
He loves his new "home"

We had a fabulous easter weekend!! On Friday we had a nice family night with easter egg coloring and a family movie. On Saturday we headed over to the Wongs for (what we hope becomes an annual) brunch and an egg hunt. On Sunday we had an early morning visit from the Easter Bunny and another egg hunt (he was really getting the hang of it). Then we headed to church with Nana and coffee after. Later that afternoon we had Nana and Papa over for a delicious Easter Dinner. It was a wonderful weekend full of great friends and family.

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