Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas in SunValley

Papa, Keaton and Aunt Kiki
Katie and I were giving Ronnie and Aunt sandwich and Keaton had to get in on the action.
It's a hillbilly Christmas!!!
Lovely Lauri doing the dishes.
Papa reading us a story.
Keaton learning how to open presents!!
Getting the hang of it!
Look! Lauri got a new camera!!!!
Yep! Just like mine!!!
Ronnie opening a present! He was so good about sharing his toys with Keaton.
A new book from Aunt Sharon!
Making Cookies for Santa The bright flash from the camera is all the light we have!
Doug holding up Ronnie's turtle night light so we can see. Really, you can't tell how dark it was because the flash from the camera. But we couldn't see much!!
Me trying to show Keaton his bike in the dark. Notice Mike has cut off heads because he can't see what he is taking photos of! He's riding it....but doesn't know what he's riding!
Me helping Keaton with his new puzzle.
We spent this Christmas in SunValley with the Dahlbergs. Doug, Lauri, Ronnie and Katie made the trip from Minnesota. Ed and Donna rented us a beautiful condo at the Lodge. The weather was gorgeous up there, not as much snow as usual, but sunny and COLD!! Donna, Lauri, the kids and I got up there late afternoon on Wednesday. We unpacked all the goods, got the tree set up and all the presents in place. We ordered some dinner, ate, put the kids to bed and then Lauri and I headed to the Lodge for some Hot Toddy's. Thanks Nana for sitting with the kiddos!! Ed, Doug, Katie and Mike got up there pretty late Wednesday night. On Thursday we hung out, went to lunch, played games, Ed read us a story (since we missed church), opened presents and made cookies for Santa. At about 10:30 on Christmas Eve we lost power along with 17,000 other people in Southern Idaho. We woke on Christmas morning to find the power was still out!!! The kids had to open presents from Santa in the dark. We made the best of the situation and took the kids sledding. They loved it!! I will have to get some photos from Ed or Lauri to show how much fun we had. We got back and decided to lay Keaton down for a nap and made a decision that if the power wasn't back on by the time he woke we would leave for Boise as we were running out of food and options. At about 1:30pm it was a Christmas miracle and power was restored. We decided to stay as planned until Saturday and were all glad that we did. We had a wonderful time. Thanks to all of you for making our Christmas a great one!!!

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