Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring time fun!!

Trying to get the camera
Visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Post Falls
Exploring all of Grandma's goodies!
Playing with Grandpa
After the haircut!
Getting his first salon haircut...but his 3rd haircut before he's even one!!

Helping mommy vacuum

Mia catches like her dad

Taking a bath with Mia :)


Caden and Keaton
Let me in! No...let me out!!!! (Keaton and Fletcher)

Kim, Caden, Me and Keaton on the swings

In the bike trailer ready to go!!

Holding the boards
Taking a break for some thumb
Giving orders
The finishing touches
This Spring has been a busy one for us! With bike rides, playdates at the park, Pergola building, trips to Spokane and just trying to keep up with our little man. He sure is busy!!!!

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