Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from the Dahlberg's

Today we were able to spend a wonderful Easter Sunday (Keaton's first Easter) with Nana. It was a fun filled day. We started the day off by attending the early Easter service at St. Michael's with Nana. It was a very nice service during which Keaton enjoyed people watching a playing with Nana's watch. After Keaton took a nap to recharge his batteries, we heading off to Albertson's Park for some family pictures then out to Easter brunch. Since it was such a nice day out we decided to delay the start of Keaton's second nap and headed to the park so Keaton could play and enjoy his first really nice spring day. He played for close to an hour then hit the wall which was good because all three of us needed a nap. We then closed off the day by having burgers at Papa's House with Nana, Papa and Uncle Donny. All-in-all it was a great Easter Sunday spent with our wonderful family. It's days like this that make you realize just how great you have it and how wonderful life truly is. Happy Easter everybody.

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