Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last week...

Keaton spent a lot of time with more of his friends last week. We had a playdate on Friday at Thatcher's house, dinner at the Chrisman's that night, Saturday dinner at the Grinnells and Sunday had Layla Forsey and her parents over for dinner. Layla's mom gave Keaton his second hair cut. He was in dire need!!!
Fletcher, Max, Keaton, Thatcher and Jack
Cayla Chrisman, Keaton and Paige Chrisman
Keaton inside the new ottoman (party of babyproofing our house for a walker)
Max Wong
Gabby Wong, Alice Mogensen and Keaton
Layla Forsey
Uncle Donny with Keaton and Layla
Jacquie cutting Keaton's hair

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