Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last weekend...

Last weekend we headed up to McCall and Scot's cabin for some fun and then had yet another party at the little gym. This time to celebrate Lily Hopstad's 2nd B-day.
Future gymnist or circus tightrope walker? I vote for the carnival....I've always dreamt of being a "carni"
Working on his pull-ups
Watching all the kids at the Little Gym
Keaton and Daddy going Xcountry skiing
All ready to go
Doing it Wolff style
Dopko's creative photography
The Wolff's
Nooner's new beau Clayton :)
Team Dude playing Pop 5.....yes, he's sculpting Oprah
Clayton and Nooner
Mike and Mat
Keaton and Kelley
Keaton and Mat

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