Monday, December 15, 2008

Girls weekend in Seattle

This last weekend I had my first girls weekend away since I had Keaton. I headed to Seatlle and met up with Crystal, Nik and Betsy. We had a great time...but I missed my boys :) Here are some fun photos from the weekend. Thanks ladies for the good times. I miss you guys!!! Highlights of the weekend include getting our make up done (little did we know we'd leave looking more like streetwalkers than when we arrived), thumbmaster at a nice restaurant, candles and lotion, "summer" teeth, and much, much more!!

Betsy and Crystal at dinner
The gals on Friday night. I thought we were ordering Thai food and staying in?

I just can't put Book 3 of the Twilight series down!!

Us at dinner in between rounds of Thumbmaster

Betsy and Nik's headshot

Who are those "other" people? Do we always make friends with strangers?!

Me and Crystal at dinner

Betsy and Nik

Before dinner

Looking innocent...what did she just do?

Me and Nik

Where did those come from?!!

Purty girl

Betsy's after (make-up) done. Not bad

My after....she matched my eye shadow to my purple scarf

My and my girl

Nik's after

She asked for "smokey eyes" and got smokey and the bandit

Betsy and Nik
Crystal's after

Just because

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