Saturday, November 1, 2008

Keaton's First Halloween

Gabby enjoying the fruits of her Trick or Treating labor - she even shared a lick with Keaton!
Henry giving Keaton a kiss
Gabby the nice witch!
Gabby Trick or Treating
Keaton watching Gabby Trick or Treat
He can't wait until next year. Gabby promised to show him the ropes!
Nana Donna, Mike and Keaton
Mike and Keaton heading out to Trick or Treat with Gabby
The Spooky Cake

Keaton and Nana
After his nap
Happy guy
In Gabby's witch hat at lunch
Keaton and Gabby
Keaton with Bob at the Office inspecting a glue stick
John McEnroe and Super Mom
Group photo of everyone at the Office
Rear view of McEnroe
Nice shorts!
Little John McEnroe
Mike checking out McEnroe

My Boys
McEnroe checking out his racket

Keaton and Super Mom

The day started out with Keaton and I heading into the office for a visit and lunch with the Wong's.  Keaton dressed as John McEnroe.  The costume actually started out as an idea to be Richard Simmons and morphed into John McEnroe. I spent the morning fixing Keatons shorts (seems that when you purchase your childs costume at a Bear clothing store - Build A Bear - they are a little snug and have a tail hole in the rear that needs to be sewn shut), ironing McEnroe's name on the back of the shirt and making/stringing his racket.  I guess I really am Super Mom :) We headed home after lunch for a nap (we both needed one) and then Keaton helped me make a spooky cake.  Later in the afternoon we headed to the Wong's for some Food, Trick or Treating and game night. It was a wonderful Halloween!! 

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